Malmö: A Pole with axe and white and red armband shouted that he would kill all “Islamists” on the bus

Swedish media reported an incident in one of Malmö’s buses. We learned about it from our reader – Martin Ibrahim Siedlecki – a Swedish Muslim originally from Poland.

Read what Martin’s reaction was to the behaviour of the Polish man:

“The man shouted that he wanted to kill all the Islamists and do a “Polish jihad” against people travelling on the bus – whatever that means…

As a Polish Muslim, my “Polish Jihad” (and therefore my aspiration/fight) will be to fight such evil – through working for peace and building of bridges between different worlds diplomatically.

Due to my Eastern European ancestry and as a former practising Catholic, I know that my voice is extremely important now!

I would like to thank my beloved Bosnian brother Sead Busuladzic for constantly reminding me of the consequences of staying silent, of not writing and acting for a better and more peaceful world ❤️  “.


Fortunately, no one was hurt this time, and the aggressive man was apprehended by the policemen (whom he also threatened).

Together with Martin, resist hatred and work for peace ❤. Join the Patrons of Salam Lab.


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