Migration and Media. Workshops for young influencers

Do you have your own social media channels? Do you want to improve your communication? Do you work in NGO? Are you concerned about the current migration crisis and want to know how to use your social media to play a positive role and create effective change? Apply to become a part of a team of people working on solutions and impactful narratives.

Join us and fill out recruitment form by the end of August! Be a part of the second round of “Migration and Media” workshops in Krakow on 24-25th Sep 2022.

Because of technical issues we lost the access to the previous recruitment form. Please, fill out the form one more time, even if you’ve done it (before 13th Aug). We are sorry for the inconvenience.

Are you eligible?

Participants will be recruited mainly from Eastern & Central Europe (Baltic countries, Ukraine, Finland, Poland, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, Romania, Bulgaria, Greece, Croatia, Cyprus as well as Germany & Sweden). You are invited to apply even if you took part in the first workshop in May and June.

Why you should take part in the “migration and media” project?

One of the methods to create relevant and efficient social movements and to create a real change is to use effective methods of community organizing and to create a developed communication strategy. Above all, we want to make young voices heard. Therefore, our project will aim at training up to 30 young leaders with different backgrounds in creating a communication strategy, as well as equipping them with community organizing skills.

When and where will it happen?

We will start on Saturday 24th Sep at 10:00 AM. Arriving in Krakow the day before is suggested. We will finish around 8:00 PM. We will continue on Sunday 25th Sep at 11:00 AM and finish by 4:00 PM. 

All sessions will take place in SPA – Space of Public Activities – at 3 Radziwiłłowska St., Kraków. It is a center organized and led by Salam Lab.

You will stay in Ibis Hotel in the very center of Krakow. We will cover one night (24th to 25th) in a double room. Please, mind that you will share the room with another participant.

During the workshop participants will share in a special hackathon to develop their own ideas for events&projects on building social cohesion and making young voices better heard by involving their peers. They will work together on how to create their own volunteer communities. Communities which – as an ultimate goal – would help them effectively influence local and nationwide political decisions.

The discussions during the workshop will be delivered around the topic of migration which is rather seen as a “hot potato” in EU public debates.

Finally, thanks to participation in the workshop, participants will create their own community themselves. For instance, a community which will be a potential source of alliances and cooperation.

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Why do we want to talk about migration and media?

Democracy is effective only when voices of all people from diverse communities are heard. Recent experiences in the EU and USA show, that one of the most impactful reasons for the current democracy crisis is neglect of the needs of the youth. In Poland, Eastern Europe but also in MENA region countries millions of young people lose hope. They see how inefficient, non-transparent and corrupted political elites are. Public opinion research published by NDI in 2018 revealed a lack of political engagement among young people in Central Europe.

Why? They are not treated seriously. Sometimes, their voice of anger might be heard, but usually it is treated as something harmless. And therefore irrelevant (like Women’s or Climate Strike). In short, it is treated seriously only when it is really loud. When it takes people to the streets or has serious, tangible consequences.

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The best trainers

During our workshops, you will be able to work with our experienced trainers from Poland and the EU. Meet our fantastic trainers:

Karol Grygoruk

Documentary photographer and activist. A graduate of the Institute of Applied Social Sciences of the University of Warsaw. A PhD student at the Institute of Creative Photography in Opava. Lecturer at the Academy of Art in Szczecin. Co-founder of the RATS Agency. In documentary projects and academic work, he focuses on the subject of social exclusion. Karol is interested in engaged photography, ethics, and the influence of new media on visual culture. He lives and works between Warsaw and the Middle East.

Karol Grygoruk

Rojin Shamo

She comes from Iraq, specifically from the north of Iraqi Kurdistan. Rojin is 19 years old, and she lives in a camp for refugees in Lithuania. She has been in Lithuania for 1 year when she came last year in June through Belarus. She writes for Salam Lab about the life of asylum seekers and refugees.

Rojin Shamo

Ewa Wołkanowska-Kołodziej

A journalist specializing in social issues and activist working for migrants. In 2020 she was awarded the statuette of the Particularly Sensitive Artist “for journalistic reliability and a writer’s workshop for finding overlooked pictures of life”. In 2019 she received a Crystal Pen Prize for the text about Polish oncologists and for a series of reportages on poverty and social exclusion. She received prof. Elżbieta Tarkowska’s award. A year earlier she won a distinction in the True Story Award global journalist competition for a text about older people who live in blocks of flats without elevators. She was nominated for the European Press Prize, and for the most important Polish awards: Pióro Nadziei Amnesty International, Radio Zet Andrzej Wojciechowski Award, Grand Press, Teresa Torańska Newsweek awards. Since 2021, she belongs to the “Sienos Grupė”. It is a group of people providing humanitarian aid to the Lithuanian-Belarusian border, and working for migrants residing in Lithuania.

Ewa Wołkanowska-Kołodziej

Yuliya Kazdobina

Head of the Ukrainian Foundation for Security Studies. Yuliya holds MA in International and Area Studies from Brigham Young University and MA in Political Science (International Relations) from the University of Rochester. She heads a small non-governmental think tank working primarily in the area of information security and Russian influence operations. Yuliya’s research interests include Russian influence, digital media and their impact on domestic and foreign policy, domestic sanctions regulation, Russian strategy in the current conflict. Before July 2014, Julia had worked as an analyst for the US Embassy in Kyiv. She has published in the Ukrainska Pravda, Evropeyska Pravda, Dzerkalo Tyzhna, Krym Realii, Day newspaper, Ukraine Analityka, Baltic Rim Economies, etc.

Former Advisor to the Information Policy Minister of Ukraine (2016-2019), Yuliya coordinated the drafting of the government information strategy for Crimea, adopted in December 2018. Yuliya was actively involved in the formation of the Crimea Platform Expert Network.

Yuliya Kazdobina

Dalia Al-Mokdad

Dalia Al-Mokdad is a communication specialist and expert in digital media and Countering Violent Extremism (CVE). She has 9 years of experience in inter-religious dialogue and cultural and religious pluralism.

She co-founded and used to manage Taadudiya.com platform that has been selected as one of the best practices in the MENA, and aims at promoting the culture of accepting the other. In addition, she interviews and works on several communication products about immigrants in Lebanon and abroad.

Dalia is a consultant for several non-governmental organizations, and she delivers consultancy and training in Lebanon and abroad for youth, young professionals, journalists, educators, and social and religious experts.

Dalia Al-Mokdad

Karol Wilczyński

He’s the main organizer and trainer of the “Migration and Media” project. He is an educator, peace journalist and communication strategist. Karol deals with communication strategies of social and fundraising campaigns in cooperation with numerous NGOs and organizations. He provides media and social media training. As a creator of Salam Lab, for the past 8 years he is involved in work with people on the move and forced migration. Karol is a member of A World of Neighbours network and lobbying for developing a developed migration policy in Poland and the EU. He wrote a doctorate on Arabic philosophy and bridges between Greek and Arab cultures in the Middle Ages as part of the Artes Liberales Academy. He graduated from inter-faculty humanities studies with pedagogical specialization at the Jagiellonian University. Karol studied at the University of Rochester and Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität in Munich as a visiting student.

Currently, he lectures on Islamophobia and Politics of Fear at the Department of Comparative Civilization Studies at the Jagiellonian University. Additionally teaches ethics and global education at the Primary School Mikołaj Rej in Krakow. He conducts workshops on global education as well as on Islam and migration processes. Finally, he is the author of the educational program „Empathy and Diversity”.

Karol Wilczyński


Join us and fill out recruitment form by the end of August! Be a part of second round of “Migration and Media” workshops in Krakow on 24-25th Sep 2022.

Because of technical issues we lost the access to the previous recruitment form. Please, fill out the form one more time, even if you’ve done it (before 13th Aug). We are sorry for the inconvenience.

All participants will be given a fellowship which will cover the cost of transport and stay in Krakow during the workshops.

The Migration and Media project is funded by Landecker Democracy Fellowship Program and Humanity in Action.


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