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Palestinian Nurse Says A Jewish Prayer Over Dying Hasidic Jew

The coronavirus pandemic, apart from its many hardships, can also show how there is still much solidarity and concern for others in people.

An Arab nurse from the COVID-19 ward of Ha’emek Medical Center in the city of Afula in northern Israel recited the Hebrew Shema Yisrael prayer for a Jewish patient as he was dying of coronavirus.

Ibrahim Maher, a Palestinian raised in a Muslim family, spent over a month caring for a coronavirus patientShlomo Galster, a religious Jew from a conservative Hasidic community. Unfortunately, the patient’s condition worsened and the family could not be with him in the last moments of his life. Since none of his relatives could pray with the dying man, his nurse, Ibrahim Maher, decided to recite the Hebrew Shema Israel prayer for him.

“I knew he was a religious person and it was important to him that his family prayed with him,” – Ibrahim Maher told Israel Hayom.

“I don’t know the whole prayer exactly, but I knew how important it was for the man to hear the words of Shema Yisrael,” – the nurse added. – “We knew him and his family. We liked him. That is why I prayed with him for his sake and for his family. “

When the patient’s family arrived at the hospital, their relative had already died. However, the nurse informed them that he did not leave the sick person without prayer and support.

“It was a difficult and sad day,” said Shlomo’s daughter, Galstera. “But my father never stopped talking about how devoutly the hospital staff looked after him. He was very grateful to Maher and the whole team, ”she added.


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