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  • Migration and Media. Workshops for young influencers

    Migration and Media. Workshops for young influencers

    Do you have your own social media channels? Do you want to improve your communication? Do you work in NGO? Are you concerned about the current migration crisis and want to know how to use your social media to play a positive role and create effective change? Apply to become a part of a team of…

  • Multicultural Centre of Krakow

    Multicultural Centre of Krakow

    Since March 1st 2021, we became co-coordinators and executors of the Krakow municipality’s project to run the Multicultural Centre. In the team comprising the Internationaler Bund Polska foundation, Centrum Pomocy Prawnej im. Halina Nieć in Krakow and a team of project managers, researchers and specialists in the field of helping foreigners, we deal with the…