Be at SPA everyday

Salam Lab creates a Space of Public Activities — a unique place of integration where each person can feel at home.

Every day there is something different going on here: we practise yoga and pilates, learn languages, or do watercolour painting.

We believe everyone has a talent for something, so why not share it with others! Run your own classes or workshops, or participate in events others organize. Bring your family or friends and come to the SPA!

Click to go to the list of events at Dytmara 3

Find events organised for you 

SPA Events take place in our space at 3 Sołtysa Dytmara St.

You can also find the tutors you know so well from the SPA at the Open Place a Community Centre located on Życzkowskiego Street.

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Space of Public Activities –where people do great things together

SPA is dedicated to activities you can participate in or organise yourself. We wanted to create a space where every person in Krakow can develop their interests and passions and meet people with whom they can exchange ideas.

Salam Lab creates a safe place where we accept what makes us different and enjoy what we have in common

Space of Public Activities was founded in the Help Center in 3 Radziwiłłowska St. in Kraków. This is where thousands of meetings have taken place. We want to extend this initiative’s potential and invite all Krakow residents to come and feel at home.

Do you want to organize a free event?

Read the rules for organizing your own events at SPA in Sołtysa Dytmara 3 St. and check out the application form. If you need more information, please write to us at

SPA wouldn’t exist without our donors. We are grateful to the thousands of people who donated even a little for Salam Lab.

Huge thanks to Theater Słowackiego in Kraków for the opportunity to use their fantastic space on 3 Radziwiłłowska St., and to IKEA Kraków for giving us the equipment. Thanks to our partners: JCC Kraków, Centrum Wielokulturowy w Krakowie, Szlachetna Paczka; and to our strategic sponsors: Fundacja Bayer, Fundacja AirLiquide, Airbnb, Fundacja Biedronka, Fundacja Batorego, Fundacja Dentons, Alight and Americares.