In SPA you can do many things for free

→ use our co-working space and drink some coffee, tea or water;

→ meet up with your friends and acquaintances so you can all work on your own project;

→ chill out in our specially designed relax area;

→ watch a movie;

→ organize your own classes or workshops;

→ take part in the classes organized by other people;

→ talk to our workers from our Help Center “Żyj w Krakowie” to get information about opportunities to work with us;

→ consult with our on-call therapist for this month;

→ just sit, talk and free your imagination.

Come on over!

Fill out the form below to take part in the event in the Space of Public Activities at Radziwiłłowska 3, Kraków. You must register for the event no later than 24 hours before its start. Your participation will be confirmed by e-mail or text message on the day preceding the event. 

ATTENTION! There is a participant limit for some events.

SPA — where people do great things together

SPA, Space of Public Activities, is a place for you, for the activities you can take partake in or those you want to organize yourself! Everything is specifically made for you to follow your interests and passions, and meet people with whom you would want to share your passion and thoughts. SPA is a safe space, in which we don’t pay attention to what divides us, but to what connects us.

Space of Public Activities is a place that was founded in the Help Center “Żyj w Krakowie” on 3 Radziwiłłowska St. in Kraków. This is where thousands of meetings have taken place. This is where friendships and great relationships have been formed. We want to use the potential of this place and invite here every resident of Kraków, old and new, so they can feel at home.

Do you want to organize a free event?

Read the rules for organizing your own events in the SPA space on Radziwiłłowska 3 and check out the application form. If you need more information, please write to us at

SPA wouldn’t exist without our donors. We are very grateful to the thousands of people who donated even a few złoty for Salam Lab.

Huge thanks to Theater Słowackiego in Kraków for the opportunity to use their fantastic space on 3 Radziwiłłowska 3 St., and to IKEA Kraków for giving us the equipment. Thanks to our partners: JCC Kraków, Centrum Wielokulturowy w Krakowie, Szlachetna Paczka; and to our strategic sponsors: Fundacja Bayer, Fundacja AirLiquide, Airbnb, Fundacja Biedronka, Fundacja Batorego, Fundacja Dentons, Alight and Americares.