We’re changing – for the better. Here’s our new logo!

Autorem projektu nowego logo jest Przemysław Trepka.

Nowe logo stowarzyszenia salam lab. Logo to nazwa Salam Lab pisana czarną czcionką, nad nią znajdują się wrzosowe romby. Są w nie wpisane różne znaki graficzne: środkowy symbol to arabskie słowo „salam” – pokój, wpisane w romb. Dwa sąsiadujące symbole to litery S i L. Dwa skrajne przedstawiają synergię i jedność w różnorodności.

We believe that every organization sometimes has to look at its actions from afar and think about its further ways of development. We’ve done just that, which allowed us to notice that we need an even better professionalization of our work, closer collaboration between the departments and a focus on the quality of our services and projects, rather than on their quantity

The changes we want to implement in order to achieve our goals start with a seemingly simple thing: a change of our logo.

The reason we’re informing you about this is to emphasize: it’s still the same Salam Lab, which focuses on giving voice to people with a refugee experience, stands on the side of the disadvantaged and dismantles the stereotypes present in our thinking. This is still us, only in a new guise.

New designs and colours

We have chosen heather as our new guiding color, as it symbolizes creativity, consideration and dedication. Those qualities and attitudes are particularly close to our hearts.

The new logo, in its standard version, has our characteristic rhombuses. This time, we decided to incorporate different symbols into them: the central one is the Arabic word “salam” which means peace, inscribed in a rhombus. We read the letters counterclockwise. The two adjacent symbols are the letters S and L. The two situated at the sides represent synergy and unity in diversity.

Additionally, we want to introduce you to a simplified version of the logo. We will use it in those places where there is not much space for it. Moreover, our content will take on different, new colors, and symbols will form patterns. The author of the design is Przemek Trepka, a designer we have been working with for over a year, who is also the creator of the Salam Lab website.

The new logo will appear on all social media: FacebookInstagramTwitterLinkedInYouTube i Spotify.

But there’s more beyond the logo! 

We have already begun working on the aforementioned goals: in order to provide assistance and engage in new projects at the highest possible level, we have started working with various institutions and experts.

Two weeks ago, our managers from the aid, media, education, SPA, finance and well-being departments met for a hours-long workshop focused on Capacity Building. There, we discussed how to achieve our goals and implement the plans we included in our scenarios for the next half of the year and the year 2024. After attending this meeting, we now know that we need to devote more time and heart for “planning the planning”, strengthen cooperation between departments and draw on the resources we already have. We also intend to focus on the most excluded groups instead of trying to help everyone bit by bit. Those conclusions are really important to us. The process was led by Maria Juraszczyk from Fluent. The consultation was possible thanks to our cooperation with Mercy Corps. Thank you!

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Members of the Salam Lab’s aid, education and media departments actively participate in a number of workshops which enrich their skills and strive to professionalize the organization. Four members of the aid department are currently participating in a certified Humanitarian Crisis Leadership workshop conducted by the Center for Humanitarian Leadership. Two other staff members have already obtained this certificate. On the other hand, the head of the education department was at an intensive “School of Anti-Racist Practices” workshop organized by the New Vision initiative, which brought in valuable knowledge for the entire department.

Salam Lab’s media team has had the pleasure of working for several months with reporter Anna Mikulska, who actively supports the professionalization of our team. Anna Mikulska is an experienced journalist and researcher. In addition to being an OKO.press journalist and reporter, most recently she finalized her research for Amnesty International on discrimination. 

As you can see, it is a very active and exciting time for us. We’re hoping that you will also experience these positive changes. Are there any topics that should appear more often in our media? Do you have ideas for new projects in which we could get involved? Write to us at kontakt@salamlab.pl!

Translated by Urszula Jocz.


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